Caught in the rain? Don't worry, kind security guard at Tanglin Road is waiting for you with umbrella

Submitted by Stomper Wenxin

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Despite the cold weather, Stomper Wenxin's heart was filled with warmth after she saw a security guard at Tanglin International Centre waiting patiently to assist those who were caught in the rain on Jun 26.

In a photo and video shared by Wenxin, a security guard armed with umbrellas and a huge smile upon his face is seen waiting to provide umbrellas to passersby.

With an outstretched hand, the guard is seen giving a woman an umbrella while directing her to her destination.

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Wenxin said: "This place is along Tanglin Road.

"A sudden downpour led us to discover one secret samaritan.

"A security guard was waiting patiently at the Strathmore block, in the midst of the heavy rain to provide visitors and workers working nearby with an umbrella.

"When my colleague asked if he was tasked by the management to do it, he politely said that It was done out of his own accord.

"Thus, this gracious act of going an extra mile for strangers is certainly admirable!

"This act of service has really blessed and warmed our hearts during this cold weather. Certainly, my faith in human beings is restored!"

Has your faith in humanity been restored as well?

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