What's wrong with this kid? Look how he jumps onto parked car -- with his bicycle

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A clip of a kid using his bicycle to jump onto a parked car has sparked outrage among netizens, who have slammed his irresponsible actions.

Stomper Anon sent in a clip of the incident, which was recorded on the in-car camera of his friend at 2.06pm today (Oct 15), Facebook user Aaron Rylan.

Aaron said he had lodged a police report after seeing the clip of one of the two boys who were cycling nearby perform a stunt jump, right onto his car which was parked there.

He hopes the two boys come forward to admit their mistake and settle the damages.

Aaron also hopes that the post would help parents and adults would educate their kids on why it was wrong to do such a thing to someone's car.

"Please think before acting, or at least find a car without in-car-cameras," he added in his post.