Driver hits parked car in Bedok Central carpark, then tries to wipe off marks before driving off

Submitted by Stomper Chen

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A driver was seen trying to wipe off the marks he had caused after knocking a parked vehicle when moving out of a lot in a multi-storey carpark in Bedok Central 215A.

Stomper Chen sent to Stomp a video of the what the driver did, which was caught on the victim's vehicle dashboard camera.

The clip, which shows the date and time of Nov 6, 5.25pm, shows the driver getting into his car, parked next to the victim's vehicle.

As he drives out of the lot, he ends up knocking into the victim's vehicle, and a slight jerking motion can be noticed at the moment of impact.

The driver is then seen standing near the victim's vehicle, inspecting the damage he had caused.

However, at this point, he has parked in a lot on the other side of the carpark, away from the the victim's vehicle.

After some time, he walks back to the victim's vehicle with a cloth, and is seen trying to wipe the front of the vehicle.

He then drives off, and is seen looking at the victim's vehicle while passing it.