Man rages at Yishun Cheers cashier after they ran out of spoons, challenges him to call cops, then smashes his iPhone when he tries to

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One angry customer raged at a Cheers cashier in Yishun after he told him that they ran out of spoons, and allegedly even challenged him to call the police.

Stomper William sent in a CCTV clip of the incident his co-worker experienced yesterday (June 23) at 6.33am.

According to the Stomper, the man bought Yakult and Meji yoghurt and asked the cashier for a spoon. 

The cashier checked underneath the counter but they had ran out of spoons. When he told him that, he started to get angry.

"If I can find spoon how?" the man, who looked to be in his 40s, asked the cashier in what they described as a 'threatening' voice.

The cashier asked the guy, "Is that a threat sir?"

In the clip, he can be seen banging on the table and yelling vulgarities at the cashier, gesturing and wanting to throw the Yakult at the cashier.

William recounted:

"The cashier can't take it anymore. He told the guy he was going to call the police.

"The customer then challenged him to do so. 

"The cashier picked up the phone and was going to dial 999. The customer got furious and snatched the cashier's iPhone 6s Plus Gold which he got it as a birthday gift from his dad and threw it on the floor and continued to insult the cashier.

"Not long after, the customer picked up the cashier's iPhone and smash it against the gift card shelf, kicked the door open and left the store with the phone.

"If you see the guy, please notify the police."

William hopes that Yishun residents can help to keep a lookout on the guy.

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