Girls beware! Elderly man caught peeping up women's skirts repeatedly at Bugis+ escalator

An elderly Peeping Tom was caught walking close to the escalator at Bugis+ repeatedly -- whenever women wearing short skirts were on it.

The Facebook video was shared on Jul 13 by Kuanyewism, showing the man in the act.

The clip, credited to a Mr Wu, showed the senior citizen in red shirt lurking near the escalator and staring up.

Mr Wu recounted:

"Me and Wifey were waiting to catch 'Cold War II' at Film Garde Bugis+ today afternoon, and this elderly ti-ko pek in red t-shirt caught our attention while we were riding down the escalator. 6th sense told us that something dirty's up his we tailed him for awhile.

"He would walk up close to the escalator if he spots females clad in revealing short skirt. If those were shorts, he would turn away.

"We intended to report him to the Management or Police, but as he did not use his phone to perform recording acts, we reckon that he will be let off after verbal warning even if SPF steps in."

He decided to confront the pervert after filming some 'evidence'.

He continued: 

"We confronted him after the end of the video.

"I spoke to him in Hokkien, telling him that his acts were recorded and shall report him to SPF.

"He responded in Hokkien while walking away: 'kuah nia bo sa la! bo li eh tai ji' (English: See only mah nothing wrong! mind your own business!)

"As he disappeared into the crowd, we proceeded to catch our show.

"Although I pity him, I still feel that such acts are not to be tolerated. Just wanna say to all shoppers that no matter where, do pay attention to people around you, there may be perverts like him following you."