Carousell user offers giveaway -- in exchange for your baby's used wet diapers

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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It is not uncommon to come across free giveaways and blessed items on online marketplace Carousell but one user had an unusual condition attached.

A Stomper shared with Stomp a Carousell user who posted he was willing to give away a free pack of diapers.

"However, there's a catch to it," he wrote.

"In exchange, I would like to ask for your baby's used wet diaper.

"Looking for tape diaper specifically.

"In exchange, I will give you one pack of diaper of the ones your baby is wearing for free."

He added he preferred someone who is staying nearby Admiralty or Woodlands.

The Stomper shared that her friend messaged the user and asked why he wanted used diapers.

The user replied: "It' just a fetish of mine yea."

The post was put up on Tuesday (Mar 22) but has since been taken down.

"I feel disgusted by this person's action," said the Stomper.

"I don't know if there will be any danger if anyone who is in desperate need of diapers will meet up with this person."