Carousell seller earns respect of netizens for giving away free surgical masks

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Amidst reports of online sellers selling face masks at grossly inflated prices after Wuhan virus cases were detected in Singapore, a woman has earned the respect of netizens for giving away surgical masks for free.

A Stomper alerted Stomp to the listing posted by Carousell user ilovesingaporesg on Thursday (Jan 30).

"She definitely deserves respect for what she’s doing," said the Stomper.

In the listing, the seller said she is giving away free masks to the elderly, children and those who are sick.

When contacted by Stomp, the seller, who wants to be known only as CNG, said she is just doing her part to help society.

She had previously tried searching for masks for her family at supermarkets and pharmacies to no avail.

She then bought a total of 300 masks for $195 from other online sellers.

"Some sold them at $25 for 50 pieces and others sold masks to me at $1 per piece," she said.

"After putting aside some masks for my parents and my child, I had about 100 left."

"I decided to give away the balance I had to those who really need it like the elderly, children and sick people."

So far, she has given away 10 pieces and told Stomp she is expecting more people to collect masks from her home in Sengkang tonight (Jan 31).

She said she sympathised with those who have not been able to buy masks for their family members.

"I just want to contribute to society and give a little help."