Carousell seller arranges to meet with buyer -- then goes MIA

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A buyer and seller had arranged to meet after liaising on online marketplace Carousell, only for the latter to be left high and dry.

A Stomper shared the conversation he had with the seller when he made an offer of $10 for a Forza Horizon video game.

They had arranged to meet at Fernvale LRT Station at 6.30pm.

The last message the Stomper received from the seller was when he requested to meet at the drop-off point near the LRT station.

The Stomper arrived at the station at 6.25pm and updated the seller on his location.

However, 30 minutes later he was still waiting without any reply or update.

The Stomper said: "Basically this guy and I discussed for a span of about 1-2 days before confirming our meeting location and time.

"We were supposed to deal at 6.30pm. I arrived at 6.25pm and stayed till 7.10pm.

"This seller just MIA and never replied, few days later he came back online without replying me and increased the price from $7 - $10.

"Just be aware of these kind of sellers."

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