Carousell buyer shares why you should meet up with sellers after paying $95 for MIA AirPods

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Buyers beware.

A Stomper paid $95 upfront for Apple AirPods that never got to her.

She told Stomp she came across a listing for Apple Airpods going for $95 on online marketplace Carousell in October.

After liaising with the seller, she transferred the $95 upfront on Oct 18.

The seller told her via WhatsApp that she would post the AirPods to her that night.

Sensing something amiss, the Stomper followed up with the seller on Wednesday (Nov 9) after not receiving the item.

She was met with radio silence.

"I just want to warn people who love to shop on Carousell that it would be better to do a meet-up than just transfer money to the seller," she said.

"I've learned things by losing money in the end.

"Please spread awareness in dealing with such fraudulent sellers even though the account seems real, we really cannot judge.

"Everyone should be careful and never pay for things bought without guarantee."

The Stomper added that she has reported the seller's account to Carousell.