Careful what you buy online: Woman injures back after chair she's sitting on breaks

Submitted by Stomper Casey

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A woman injured her back after the chair she was sitting on broke and collapsed on Sunday afternoon (Dec 1).

Stomper Caseyakahzg informed Stomp that the chair had been bought online a few years back and wanted to share his wife's experience to warn others to be careful of what they buy online.

"My spouse had a bad fall while sitting on this home office chair when one of the legs gave way," he said.

"She toppled over onto her back and injured it.

"The chair looked sturdy and we bought it four years ago for about $99 from a shop on Qoo10.

"I suspect the plastic used may be recycled plastic and the strength deteriorated over the years!"

The Stomper said that he applied medication to his wife's back and neck to ease the pain and swelling.

"We will consult a doctor if the pain and swelling does not subside."