Car versus car on Turf Club Road: 'I almost reversed into drain trying to avoid collision'

Submitted by Stomper Ming

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A turf war on Turf Club Road?

A motorist said he almost reversed into a drain trying to avoid a collision with a car on the narrow Turf Club Road.

Sharing the dash cam video of the incident, Stomper Ming said it happened when he was driving his daughter to a tennis class at Tennis Inc on Nov 26 at 3.50pm.

"I encountered a lady driving a Toyota SUV who flashed her high beams at me and drove against the flow of traffic as seen in the video," recounted the Stomper, who believed the SUV was going the wrong way on a one-way road.

"She even got out of her car to exchange words with me and insisted that it was a two-way road and told me to back off.

"There is a very prominent orange sign from the Singapore Land Authority stating that the entire road is one-way from April 16, 2012."

However, there are also painted arrows on the road indicating that it is two-way.

In the video, the Stomper also appeared to misspeak and told the woman that it was a two-way road and she agreed with him.

She went back to her car and kept inching it forward. But Ming would not budge.

The woman got out of her car a second time and took a photo of the Stomper's car plate number with her phone before speaking to him again.

"Given that the safety of my seven-year-old daughter was paramount, I decided not to escalate the incident and reversed my car, even though I had the right of way," said Ming.

"As you can see from the video, even though she had space on her left between some cars to move in and allow my car to move on, she insisted on barrelling forward. I almost reversed into a drain trying to avoid her colliding with my car."

The Stomper eventually gave the Toyota enough room to go through and said to the woman as she drove past: "Absolute trash you are."

Ming told Stomp: "It is not right that she exhibited such dangerous and reckless behaviour on a busy Saturday afternoon in an area where there are lots of children having enrichment sports classes. As seen in the video, a parent and the kid had to squeeze in between her car and mine."

So is it a one-way or two-way road?

Answer: two-way.

The stretch of Turf Club Road where the incident took place is two-way, but farther ahead after a junction, Turf Club Road is a one-way road.

The sign was to alert motorists that the road ahead is one-way, but the road where the sign was placed is not.

Stomp understands that the sign has since been removed.

But regardless of whether it is actually a one-way or two-way road, the row of cars parked on the side made the road so narrow that it could allow only one-way traffic.