Stomper steps up to help after accident involving car, taxi and bus in Yishun

Submitted by Stomper Kohji

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A car, a taxi and a bus were involved in an accident along Yishun Ring Road, opposite Block 798, on Monday evening (Nov 12), at around 9pm.

Stomp understands that no injuries were reported.

Stomper Anonymous, who shared photos and a video taken at the accident site, said he helped by acting as a translator due to language barriers among those at the scene.

(A video taken by Stomper Anonymous' friend)

He said: "The drivers involved, passers-by who were helping out, and the Traffic Police were of different races, so I stepped up to help as a translator.

"We wanted to help to shift the driver's car in order to allow the buses to continue on their journey, and helped with traffic control as well."

Pictures taken by Stomper Kohji show a visibly damaged blue car at the scene.

Kohji told Stomp: "There was a huge jam.

"The hero who saved his neighbour in Yishun in an earlier Stomp article was directing traffic."

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