Car stops at slip road before ECP to drop off passenger

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A driver was caught on camera stopping along Ophir Road before a slip road leading to East Coast Parkway to drop off a passenger at about 6.20pm on Sep 16.

Stomper Chong alerted Stomp to the incident which he recorded on his dashboard camera.

In the video, a vehicle is seen suddenly stopping at the side of the road, before a passenger alighted from the car.

Chong, who was travelling behind the vehicle, managed to stop his car just in time to avoid a collision.

"This is an accident waiting to happen," the Stomper said.

"If my car did not stop in time, sure hit!

"I think that this is a very dangerous act by the driver.

"I feel that it is appropriate to let other road users know of such dangers and hazards by other drivers on the road.

"Actions like these can cause potential accidents."