Car owners at Bedok North Block 420 & 421 beware: Psycho serial car scratcher on the loose

Submitted by Stomper Layman

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Layman wants to warn other motorists who park their cars at the open-air carpark between Block 421 and 420 Bedok North Road of a "serial car scratcher".

He has been frustrated with the deep scratch marks that have been regularly left on his car since the end of 2015 till the most recent incident on Jun 9, 2017.

"This psycho's trademark is to scratch on the right rear of the car or the right rear door where the blind spot of the car camera is," said the Stomper.

"The scratches are so deep that it touches the base paint and cannot be polished off so the only remedy is spraying it with new paint.

"He will always strike at intervals of three to four months so that he cannot be identified."

Layman is appealing to all car owners living between these two blocks to check their cars every morning and to report to the police immediately if they discover a scratch.

"We as car owners have to stand up to such acts and bring this crazy person to justice before he does more than just car scratching."