Car overturns in tunnel from CTE towards AYE

Submitted by Stomper Kelvin

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A car travelling in a tunnel from the Central Expressway (CTE) towards the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) overturned near the Merchant Road exit at around 9.20am this morning (Jun 1).

In a video that Stomper Kelvin shared, a car with its front smashed is seen overturned on a lane, in between a tow truck and a lorry.

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Two workers are also seen hooking the damaged car to the tow truck.

Kelvin said: "I did not know how the car overturned. I just passed by and saw this."

Stomp understands that no injuries were reported.

A photo and a video of the accident showing the car from another angle have also been circulating online.

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