Car nearly collides into motorcycle at uncontrolled cross junction in Tuas

Submitted by Stomper Melvin

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A car nearly collided into a motorcycle at an uncontrolled cross junction along Gul Way.

Stomper Melvin contributed a video of the incident which occurred on Tuesday (Sep 3) at about 5.30pm.

Melvin told Stomp: "I was travelling to another office in Changi South and then I noticed this car blocking my lane. 

"I had no choice but to stop while waiting for him to complete his turn. 

"When he was about to make a right turn, he didn't realise an oncoming motorcycle from my side going straight.

"The motorcycle has the right of way and both of them nearly collided. The car driver was kinda unhappy.

"You can see in the video he tried to reason with the motorcyclist and he seemed pretty arrogant.

"Maybe traffic lights should be installed here. It's an uncontrolled cross junction and everyone has to make discretionary turns."

According to the Singapore Statutes, vehicles arriving at an uncontrolled road junction should give way to any vehicle approaching from his right.

Melvin said: "I feel that a lot of drivers are very impatient. They don't give way. When cars cut into lanes, drivers speed up. Impatience is the root cause of most accidents."

Stomp understands that nobody reported this incident to the police. 

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