Car comes in like a wrecking ball and rams into taxi that stopped for red light

Update on Sep 29:

The taxi driver who was involved in the accident has given his account of events.

Get the full update here: Cabby whose taxi got rammed into by 'wrecking ball' car: "I almost wanted to faint"

Original article:

A car that was allegedly speeding rammed into the rear of a taxi that had stopped for a red light.

It is unclear where exactly the accident took place, but according to the timestamp on a video posted by Facebook user Zhi Teng, it happened on Sep 23.

The video shows how while other vehicles had started to slow down and stop for a red light at a junction, a car failed to do so and continued travelling at a high speed instead.

It then crashed into a TransCab taxi.

Photos posted by Zhi Teng show how the taxi suffered a mangled rear bumper while the other car had its front damaged.

Zhi Teng also alleged that the car was travelling at 140km/h.