Car catches fire on AYE

A car caught fire along the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) towards the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) at about 9pm yesterday (Jul 11).

A Stomper had alerted Stomp to the incident.

In two separate videos posted on SG Road Vigilante - SGRV's Facebook page, a car that was parked by the side of the expressway is seen engulfed in flames.

Two men are also seen standing a distance away from the combusted car.

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In response to a Stomp query, the SCDF said that it was alerted to a car fire at about 9pm.

"The fire was extinguished by SCDF using one compressed airfoam backpack and one water jet," said the SCDF spokesman.

"No injuries were reported.

"SCDF is investigating the cause of the fire."