Car bursts into flames at Yishun Avenue 9 carpark

Submitted by Stomper Vincent

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A car burst into flames at an open-air carpark near Block 349 Yishun Avenue 9 yesterday (Jan 16).

Stomper Vincent was at a nearby coffee shop at Block 348 when he smelled and saw smoke.

He followed the smoke and found himself at the carpark, witnessing a car in flames.

The Stomper said: "I was having dinner with my friends when I realised that there was probably a fire because of the white smoke and strong smell.

"I followed the smoke and saw a fiery scene before me.

"I saw a car in flames and wondered if the car had been altered in any way."

Vincent said that there was a lot of smoke at the scene and many people from nearby blocks came to capture the incident on their phones.

That's what Vincent did too and he sent the videos he took to Stomp.

In the videos he sent, a flaming car can be seen in the carpark.

There are two other cars on its left.

The sirens of a Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) fire engine whines in the background.

The SCDF officers can be seen using a hose reel to put out the fire.

They subdue the flames by spraying water onto the car.

A driver of one of the cars next to the one in flames can be seen 'rescuing' his car and driving away.

Vincent, who stays at Block 348, said: "I have a car too, but luckily my car was parked in another carpark.

"I think the driver of the car next to the fire was quite unlucky. If I'm not wrong, the paint on his car was affected."

In response to a Stomp query, the SCDF said: "SCDF responded to a fire at a carpark near Block 349 Yishun Avenue 9 at about 9.50pm.

"The fire was extinguished by SCDF using a water jet and a hose reel.

"There were no reported injuries."

"When I went back up to my flat at about 10pm, my flat was smoky and there was a burnt smell floating in the air," added the Stomper.

The cause of fire is under investigation.