Captain of Bus 854 warmly greets commuters with a smile -- and has been doing so for at least 2 years

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Stomper Don is full of praise for a bus driver who would warmly greet each and every passenger every time they boarded and alighted his vehicle.

Don came across the bus captain yesterday (Aug 2) at around 10.40pm on Bus 854.

However, Don had actually met the same driver two years ago and thus realised that "he has been doing this for quite some time".

Said the Stomper in a phone interview:

"The name of this driver is Surenther Singh.

"I would like to give a shoutout and compliment this bus captain for his friendly service to passengers.

"He greets passengers with a smile and even says goodbye as they alight from the bus.

"It's rare to see bus captains going the extra mile to give them a joyful ride.

"I have taken a video of his excellent services and I hope you can share this."