Canal along Upper Changi Road cleaned up after Stomp report

Submitted by Stomper Peony

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A canal along Upper Changi Road has been restored to normal after an alleged choke caused a stench to permeate the vicinity.

The incident was first highlighted to Stomp by Stomper Peony on Wednesday (March 28). 

Peony told Stomp that the volume of water was much smaller and there was a nauseating odour in the last four weeks. 

Said Peony:

“Now, my colleagues and I have to endure the stench every morning when we go to work and even when we leave office.”

After the story was reported by Stomp, Peony subsequently sent us an update the following day (March 29), saying that she had seen workers cleaning up the drain.

She also took some photos which she sent to Stomp.

In the latest update on Saturday (March 31), Peony said that the water flow in the drain was back to normal and there was no longer a stench. 

Said Peony:

“Thank you so much.

“That’s back to the norm. The smell also nothing.

“Today’s condition is great as well.”