Can you spot and identify these 'masters of camouflage' at MacRitchie park?

Submitted by Stomper Patsy Seah

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There is a whole host of cool creatures and wonderful wildlife waiting to greet you at Singapore's nature parks — if you can spot them.

Stomper Patsy Seah, a regular trekker, shared the magnificent sights that she spotted when she visited MacRitchie Nature Trail & Reservoir Park on Sunday (March 21).

The Stomper took several photos showing animals with camouflage abilities and blending in with their surroundings.

Some resembled leaves and branches, while others looked like tree bark.

Patsy said: "I saw snakes, parrots and a flying lemur. I have also seen mouse deers and eagles before. It's a beautiful feeling when encountering all these wildlife.

"Let's keep our forests and parks clean, and stop destroying trees, as they are home to many lovely creatures."

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