Can you solve this Primary 1 Math question?

Submitted by Stomper Cheng

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If you are reading this and able to surf the Internet freely, you are probably older than the Primary 1 age of six to seven.

But don't be surprised if you find yourself stumped by this math question in a Primary 1 assessment book.

Stomper Cheng came across the challenging question in her daughter's assessment book, 'Last-Minute Maths Exam Drills'.

She said: "I'd purchased the assessment book for my daughter who is in Primary 1. She will be in Primary 2 next year so I was trying to let her complete the book during this school holiday.

"I posted this question on my Instagram as well as sent it to friends and siblings via WhatsApp. More than 50% of them couldn't get it right.

"We adults can't even answer the question. How to teach the children?

"We need to understand from the given answer first before we can guide our children."

Here is the answer and how to arrive at it:

Did you get it right and do you think this is too difficult for Primary 1 standards?

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