Cabby tailgates car to avoid parking fee in Bukit Batok

Submitted by Stomper Gloria

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A Trans-Cab taxi driver tailgated another car to avoid paying for parking charges at a gantry near Bukit Batok MRT Station on Friday (March 9). 

The incident which happened at around 4.43pm was caught on the dashboard camera of Stomper Gloria’s vehicle. 

In the footage provided by Gloria, the cab SHB9553G is seen driving very close to the vehicle in front of it.

When the boom arm is lifted, the car ahead proceeds to move, while the cab tailgates the car, moving out of the carpark along with it. 

Said Gloria:

“I’ve seen this sort of behaviour in many videos online and also on Stomp stories, but this is the first time I’ve seen it in real life.

“I feel that this is inconsiderate and dangerous. What if the car ahead has to stop, this could have caused an accident.”