Cabby makes 'hard brake' to stop and pick up passenger -- on rightmost lane

A taxi driver was caught on camera stopping abruptly on the rightmost lane of Mandai Road to pick up a passenger, who was standing on the central road divider.

According to the timestamp on a video uploaded by, the incident occurred on Sunday (Nov 11), at around 7.55pm.

The cabby, identified as a Trans-Cab driver with licence plate SHB9760A, picked up the passenger along Lane 1 "by hard braking to a full stop", said

This Transcab taxi driver of SHB9760A is crazy and needs to drink kopi with Traffic Police. Picking up a fare along the...

Posted by on Sunday, 11 November 2018 added in its caption: "He deserves the long blast of honking and a police report."

Stomp has reached out to Trans-Cab for comment.