Cabby makes abrupt lane change, and crashes into lorry carrying portable toilet

Its bad enough if a driver crashes into another vehicle, let alone one that is carrying portable toilet.

A cabby who recklessly cut across a lane to ge to the other side of the road did just that, however.

In a clip posted on Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road, the cabby is seen travelling on the left-most lane of the road along New Upper Changi Road at 10.32am on Tuesday (June 5).

However, the taxi driver abruptly cuts across the middle lane of the road, forcing a van driver to stop and give way.

But, the cabby does not see a lorry speeding down the right-most lane with a portable toilet in the back.

The lorry and taxi collide, but end up moving out of the camera frame.

It is unclear what happened after the collision.