Cabby looking for passenger in Yishun whom he accidentally gave extra $10 change to

Submitted by Stomper Zila

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Stomper Zila alerted Stomp to a note she found at Lift Lobby B of Block 137 Yishun Ring Road.

It was written by a cabby named Alex looking for a passenger to whom he had accidentally given $10 extra change.

In a phone call with Stomp, Alex said that he had picked up a man in his 30s and woman in his 20s from Changi Airport and dropped them off at Block 137 Yishun Ring Road on July 22.

The man had paid Alex $50 for the $32 fare but the cabby had returned him $28 instead of $18.

He only realised his mistake later after he had helped the passengers unload their luggage and had returned to his taxi.

When he went back to look for the couple, they were already gone so he decided to leave a note at the lift lobby.

If you are the couple the cabby is looking for, kindly email Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.