Cabby high beams driver, flashes middle finger after being overtaken along Bartley Viaduct

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A cabby was seen driving with his high beam turned on along Bartley Viaduct towards the Central Expressway (CTE) on Tuesday evening (July 22).

A Stomper shared that the cabby was acting like a "hooligan" and flashed his middle finger at him.

"After I overtook the taxi, he started to high beam all the way," he said.

"I have in-car camera footage only and my partner managed to take a photo of the taxi with her handphone.

"Is this acceptable in Singapore?"

Drivers are advised to dip their high beam when meeting other motorists, especially when they are immediately behind another vehicle, as the beam can be reflected by the rear view mirror dazzle the driver.

The Stomper added that he felt threatened and he has since made a police report.