Cabby finds long scratch on her taxi parked at Changi Village carpark: "Even cabs are not spared!"

Submitted by Stomper Karen

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Stomper Karen was frustrated when she found a long scratch on her taxi she had parked at an open-air carpark near Changi Village Changi Village Hawker Centre on Aug 24.

She told Stomp she had only left her vehicle parked for about 20 minutes.

"I had parked my taxi at a corner lot, next to the motorbike lots, in broad daylight to go dabao some food home," she said.

"However, on my return about 20 minutes later, I found a long scratch on the right side of my cab, starting from the back door all the way to the front!

"Even cabs are not spared!"

Karen told Stomp she has since made a police report.

In response to a query, the Police confirmed with Stomp that a report was lodged and investigations are ongoing.

Stomp earlier reported on a spate of car-scratching incidents after four drivers informed Stomp their cars had been scratched while parked along St Anne's Wood.