Cabby burns fellow driver with makeshift flamethrower made from aerosol spray

A 66-year-old taxi driver turned a can of insecticide into a makeshift flamethrower and attacked a fellow cabby during an altercation. 

The incident happened at traffic junction along Harbour Front Walk at around 8pm on May 1, 2017, reports Lianhe Wanbao

The accused, Huang Shun Jin is charged with one count of voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapon.

Court documents reveal that he had lit the insecticide stream expelled by the can while directing it at the victim, Mr Lin Jun Cai.

Mr Lin was left with burn wounds on his face, ear, and neck. 

Some hair and parts of his eyebrows burnt off as well.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, Mr Lin, also a cabby, had gotten into a heated argument with Huang over a traffic incident.

During the argument, the man had alighted from their taxis and clashed in an altercation.

Huang then returned to his cab and retrieved a can of insecticide.

He then directed the stream of insecticide at Mr Lin while lighting it up, resulting in a fireball. 

Aerosol spray cans are highly flammable. 

For now, it is still not known if Mr Lin’s face will be scarred permanently.

Huang initially intended to plead guilty on Thursday (May 31) but his lawyer argued that his client had undergone a surgery on his hand, and is awaiting a medical report to determine if his client had intentionally lit the insecticide during the incident.

Huang’s lawyer thus asked for an extension to allow him to retrieve the records needed for his client’s defence. 

They will back in court on June 29. 

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