Cabby assaulted by passenger at Segar Road condo shares his side of the story

The cabby who was assaulted after returning a drunk male passenger’s phone said he did not expect the belligerent outburst at all.

The attack which happened at a condominium along Segar Road on Oct 12 at around 2.10am left bruises on the cabby’s face and arms. 

The cabby, Mr Chen, 70, told Shin Min Daily News that his passenger appeared to be drunk and slept throughout most of the trip.

He said: "He told me to take him to Bukit Panjang but did not specify the exact location. 

"After we reached Bukit Panjang, he suddenly asked me to make a turn, before hurling vulgarities at me, and said that I did not know how to drive.”

They then arrived at the condominium, and the passenger left without paying. 

Said Mr Chen: "I told him that the fee was $21, and he gave me $50. He left, seemingly angered after I handed him back the change. “

Mr Chen drove on, but noticed a phone in the backseat later.

He decided to head back to the condominium and return the phone. 

Surprisingly, the passenger was waiting in the lobby of the condominium when he arrived.

He added: "He (the passenger) suddenly ran towards the taxi, opened the door, and snatched back the phone. He started beating me, and I blocked his blows.

"My spectacles were damaged, and my face injured as well. Even the front pocket on my shirt was torn off."

Amidst the assault, Mr Chen said he stepped on his vehicle's accelerator and quickly drove off. 

The police were alerted, and the 39-year-old passenger was arrested for the threatening, abusing or insulting a public servant. 

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