Buyer pays $350 for 'luxury' items, gets blocked after asking seller why they are counterfeit

Submitted by Stomper Tan

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A couple splashed out $350 on what they thought were a branded tote bag and wallet, only to realise that they were counterfeit items.

Stomper Tan said his wife purchased a Michael Kors tote bag and a Coach wallet from a seller on Facebook. The seller had apparently vouched for the authenticity of the goods.

The couple were dismayed to discover that they had paid for fake items.

Tan said: "BAGULTISG claimed that all items were authentic but that was not the case when the items arrived. The serial number and the bag don't even tally.

"I tried to clarify with the seller. But instead of clarifying, the seller blocked me straightaway.

"If the items are really authentic, why do they need to block me?

"If anybody has this seller's details, feel free to let me know so that I can lodge a police report.

"I hope to raise awareness by sharing my experience so that no one will get cheated by this seller any further."

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