Buyer doesn't know how Carousell works, wants seller to pay him back after order is cancelled

Submitted by Stomper k

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It was not a scam.

A buyer on Carousell did not seem to understand how the platform's payment system works and insisted the seller pay him back after his order was cancelled.

Stomper K, who was the seller, shared screenshots of his chat with the buyer, who placed an order for a $40 wireless Xbox controller and paid for it using PayNow on Feb 7.

But the Stomper would only receive the money from Carousell after the buyer confirmed the order was received.

However, the Stomper cancelled the order and told the buyer: "I've cancelled the payment with Carousell."

But the buyer said that he had already paid and wanted the Stomper to credit the money back to the buyer.

The Stomper tried to explain that the payment was to Carousell and he did not receive any money from the buyer.

The buyer then threatened to report the Stomper and showed proof of payment.

The Stomper replied: "Go file police report also la. Please go find a teacher and brush up your English."

The buyer said the Stomper had "no reason to be vulgar".

The Stomper asked: "Which word I used was vulgar? It seems to be an interesting conversation. Let's share with Stomp too."

Which he later did.

The buyer then sent a screenshot of the alert from his bank to prove again that payment was made.

The Stomper sent back the screenshot after circling who the payment was made to, Carousell.

He told the buyer: "If you feel you are being scammed, please go make a report."

He added: "And now it seems more like you're trying to scam me."

At last, the buyer began to understand.

He said: "So you mean that if I have been debited, it has been by Carousell, not by your company?"

The Stomper replied: "You may want to scroll back our conversation as I've repeatedly advised you on that."

The buyer also shared a screenshot of his bank account showing that the refund was made.

At the end of it all, the seller told Stomp: "When the person thinks I’m a scammer, I feel like the person is more of a scammer."