Bus left with cracked windscreen and battered front after accident at Yishun Bus Interchange

Submitted by Stomper Lee

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A bus was left damaged after an accident at the Yishun Temporary Bus Interchange on Sunday (April 8) at about 6.40am.

Stomper Lee was at a traffic junction nearby, when she was drawn by the flashing ambulance lights and went to investigate.

In a video which she took, the bus can be seen with its windscreen cracked, and front damaged. 

According to Lee, the bus appeared vacant, although she is unclear if the bus was in service at the time of the accident.

Lee said that the bus captain appeared to have been injured and was carried onto an ambulance at the scene.

She could not identify the bus service number. 

Said Lee:

“I feel this is a little crazy, especially when it happened in the confines of an interchange. 

“If it happened outside, it would be more explainable. 

“We are supposed to be driving carefully and slowly, especially in interchange.

“I feel sorry that the bus driver was injured by this.” 

An SCDF spokesman said that the SCDF was alerted to an accident involving a bus at 6.40am.

A man suffered light injuries and refused conveyance to a hospital. 

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