Bus knocks down cyclist after beating red light at pedestrian crossing

Submitted by Stomper Izzy

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A cyclist was hit by a bus that beat the red light while he was crossing the road on his bicycle.

Stomper Izzy contributed a video of the incident, which he said he received from a colleague.

According to a time-stamp on the video, the accident occurred on April 13, at around 6.42pm.

Izzy told Stomp: "This apparently happened opposite Bedok Sheng Siong, along New Upper Changi Road.

"From what I heard, no one was crucially injured. This footage can be provided to people who might need video evidence for claims against the driver."

The video shows how the bus beat the red light despite pedestrians crossing the road.

It hit a cyclist, who was thrown off his bicycle.

The cyclist then got up, picked up his bicycle and continued crossing the road, while a woman rushed to his aid.

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