Bus driver curses and shouts at enforcement officer after being told he can't wait on double yellow zigzag line

An enforcement officer was subject to a bus driver's scolding and cursing after telling him that he was not allowed to wait on a double yellow zigzag line at Marina View Link.

A video of the encounter was uploaded by Facebook user Abdul Aleem Mohamed Saffrollahkhan.

According to the time stamp on the video, the incident happened on Jan 14 at around 4pm.

It is unclear which agency the officer works for.

In the video, the officer approaches the bus driver and tells him that he cannot park there.

The driver tells him that he was just waiting but the officer said he cannot do that either.

It is illegal to park on a double yellow zigzag line and drivers are not allowed to stop there at all times either.

The driver then begins to move off but suddenly jams on his brakes and exits his vehicle abruptly to confront the officer.

He threatens the officer in Malay that if he does not stop writing he will punch his face. 

He also uses Malay swear words and derogatory terms in his tirade.

The officer replies that he is just doing his job and retorts that he is not writing anything.

The driver then demands that he opens his book.

The officer tells him not to touch him.

The driver then repeatedly shouts at the officer to get lost, threatening to punch him again.

The officer finally walks away and makes a call to someone who is presumably his supervisor to tell him what happened.

Watch the video below.