Unclean bus ceiling: SBS Transit taking action against contractor for 'breach of contract'

Submitted by Stomper Sim

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Please mind your head. You do not want it to touch the dirty bus ceiling.

Public transport operator SBS Transit is taking action against the cleaning contractor for breach of contract after a passenger highlighted that the bus ceiling had not been cleaned.

Stomper Sim was on SBS Transit bus service 72 on Sept 7 at around noon when he noticed the dirt.

Sharing photos of the bus interior, he asked: "How often does SBS clean its buses? Probably never?"

The photos show the ceiling of the bus discoloured by grime.

"The condition in some is deplorable," said the Stomper. "I've seen the inside of some buses so dirty you can see the fingerprints in the layer of dirt adhering to the surfaces.

"Some buses smell like a garbage truck when you first board them at the terminal."

In response to a Stomp query, Mrs Grace Wu, Vice President (Special Grade), Customer Experience and Communications, SBS Transit, said: "The bus in question was cleaned that evening when it underwent its regular cleaning schedule. 

"Unfortunately, the cleaner did not do a good job with the ceiling and we are taking action against the contractor for breach of contract in not meeting the standards imposed.

"We are also instituting checks after the buses have been cleaned to ensure that they meet the expected cleaning standards.

"Meanwhile, we have already carried out a thorough wipe of the ceiling of the bus in question." 

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