Bumpy roads causing bumpy rides for motorists in Punggol Central and Portsdown

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Want to test your car suspension?

Just take a drive to either Punggol Central or Portsdown Road, where the bumpy road is shaking up unwary motorists.

Stomper Ash said: "Punggol Central Road is undergoing a massive service diversion with unavoidable lane closures, traffic jams and uneven roads.

"But one area looks more like an unofficial slow-down hump which we have to endure daily."

The uneven patch on the road can be spotted as it is darker than the rest of the surrounding area.

The Stomper wrote to the Land Transport Authority (LTA): "The temporary road patch on Punggol Central is as good as a road hump. Please redo this patch to make it a more even road. This newly-made hump is causing cars to slow down in a dangerous manner."

He highlighted that he requested LTA to look into just that particular patch and not the whole stretch of road.

LTA replied: "Our contractors had been engaged in gas pipe laying works to facilitate the upcoming construction of the Cross Island MRT Line.

"A temporary reinstatement had initially been carried out along Punggol Central after the completion. We will further improve the temporary reinstatement and progressively complete the final reinstatement by Jan 2023."

Meanwhile, the Stomper said he is facing the uneven patch of road every day and shared a video to show what it is like to drive over it.

Over at Portsdown Road, an unpainted road hump has gone viral, thanks to a TikTok video showing multiple vehicles going over the hump. A few that went too fast were launched into the air by the hump and landed with a clang or two.

@thienwp #sgtiktok #fypsingapore #tiktoksingapore #sgfyp #singapore #speedhump #speedbump ♬ original sound - thienwp

One netizen commented: "It hurts to watch, but it’s weirdly satisfying."

Posted on Nov 25, the video has since garnered more than 900,000 views.

A follow-up video shows that the hump had been painted over to become a zebra crossing, making it more obvious to motorists.

@thienwp New speed hump/bump at portsdown road part 2. #speedbump #speedhump #sgtiktok #singapore #fypsing #tiktoksingapore #sgfyp #fypsingapore #zebracrossing ♬ original sound - thienwp

Stomp understands that LTA approved the Portsdown Road hump, but it was done by another company.