Bukit Purmei Rd resident finds food and liquids on car, says it was thrown by "litterbug"

Submitted by Stomper Victim

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Victim, a resident of Block 111 Bukit Purmei Road, has noticed that his car and its surroundings are always littered with garbage, ranging from food to liquids.

The Stomper said that this has been happening 'since a long time ago', hence he believes that there is a "litterbug" in the area. 

He told Stomp that he believes the culprit allegedly likes throwing "high-rise litter" in the morning.

In photos he shared with Stomp, a brown stain can be seen splattered on the roof of a car, accompanied by a bag of garbage on the ground beside it.

He said: "This has actually been ongoing since like, five or six years ago.

"This person likes to throw the rubbish in the early morning."

He said that he wrote to Stomp in hopes that "the person will stop this bad habit, it is damaging my car".