Bugis MRT Station becomes dance floor for Singapore's very own Michael Jackson

Submitted by Stomper Emjay

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Is Michael Jackson in Singapore? Nope, it's just his doppelganger -- with equally neat dance skills to match.

A video uploaded and contributed by Stomper Emjay shows him impersonating the late King of Pop at Bugis MRT Station on the Downtown Line.

The 46-second clip features Emjay re-enacting several of Michael Jackson's famous dance moves to the 1982 hit "Billie Jean".

Emjay told Stomp that he was inspired to make such a video and share the fun with audiences after hearing about the Health Promotion's Board National Steps Challenge, which consists of a moonwalking segment.

"Well, when I see the Health Promotion Board Challenge, I think, I have to do a funny video. It's just a funny idea, nothing serious", added the Stomper.

Emjay moved from Paris to Singapore three years ago, and has been an actor-performer-magician as a Singaporean Permanent Resident) for two years.

He also does impersonations of Freddie Mercury, The Mask, as well as Santa Claus during the festive season.

"I hope to have a Dance Tribute Show in Singapore."

Emjay hopes to get more exposure in Singapore's arts industry and also gain a larger following.