Bugis Cube management responds to incident of man being beaten up by drunk guys outside mall

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A fight that took place in Bugis on Saturday (June 22) ruined a couple's honeymoon when four drunk men beat up the husband for protecting his wife.

After a karaoke session at Bugis Cube, Mrs Wang was teased and gestured at by some men.

When Mr Wang told his wife and their friends to leave so that they could avoid conflict, he got beaten up instead.  

The vice-chairman of Bugis Cube Management Council, Victor, told Stomp in an interview that the fight occurred at a bus stop in front of Bugis Cube.

Bugis Cube shared closed-circuit television footage with Stomp that shows a snippet of the fight.

At about 33 seconds into the video, a group of people can be seen fighting in the top right corner.

Several men are exchanging blows before a woman steps in.

Victor said he did not witness the fight personally but was alerted only when news had spread.

Bugis Cube Management said to Stomp in a statement:

"Bugis Cube MCST and Management Council do not condone such lawless acts.

"That the fight happens at the bus stop outside Bugis Cube is probably because the vicinity from Beach Road to Middle Road has many KTVs and their patrons typically head to around Bugis Cube for food after a night out.

"We hope the relevant authorities and police can find the perpetrators soon because this lawlessness damages the image and reputation of Singapore.

"We feel sorry that the Chinese tourist couple had to suffer such misfortune after a night of fun in Singapore."

Stomp has reached out to the police for more information. 

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