Buffet food sent flying across 3 levels at ChinaTown Point after jet spray malfunctions

Food on a buffet table was sent flying across three storeys at ChinaTown Point after a jet spray malfunctioned at around noon today (Aug 26).

The jet spray was located on the fourth floor of the mall and outside travel agency CS Travel.

Stompers Mary and Passer-by witnessed the incident and contributed videos to Stomp.

The videos show the sprinkler spraying a huge blast of water across the buffet table.

According to Passer-by, workers were still trying to clean up the area when she left the shopping mall at around 2pm.

Mary added: "Water buffet?"

General Manager of CS Travel, Alice Lai, provided more details about the incident in a statement to Stomp and said: "It is not due to the buffet set up that caused the sprinkler to be activated.

"At that point of setup, the deliveryman had just started with the placing of the dishes on the table without using any flammable products that would trigger the sprinklers."

She added that the management of ChinaTown Point is currently investigating the fault of the jet spray.