Budget airline offers compensation for passenger's damaged luggage: $77

Turns out when you take budget airline, the compensation you get is quite budget also.

A passenger was incredibly displeased after she found her luggage all banged up on board a Thai Smile flight from Phuket to Bangkok on May 5.

She shared her images of her damaged belongings on Pantip.com, showing a damaged bag, a bent MacBook Air, clothes and more.

According to Bangkok Post, when she arrived at Suvarnabhumi airport around 11pm, she could not find her suitcase.

She immediately alerted the airline and was told that no passengers’ luggage was missing and all bags had been unloaded onto the carousel.

She waited at the airport until 1am but her bag never turned up. Staff of the airline, the budget arm of Thai Airways International, told her to return home and asked for her contact details.

The next day, she was told her bag has been found.  To her dismay, it was severely damaged. 

She said airline staff told her they regretted what had happened and offered her 2,000 baht (About $77) in compensation for the damaged suitcase. She could also choose a new bag from the airline, but they would not cover damage to the bag's contents. 

This is why you don't check in important items.