Brothers rain blows on man who broke up with their mother and got together with another woman

Jan Lee
The Straits Times
Mar 19, 2018

A pair of brothers ganged up to hit their mother's former boyfriend and one even seized the man's mobile phones for his mother to check if he was in contact with other women.

On Monday (March 19), Ng Shiuh Shao, 24, was sentenced to two years' jail, and his brother Shiuh Leong, 23, was given nine months' jail for assaulting Malaysian national Tey Meng Seng.

The court heard that Mr Tey, then a dishwasher, got to know 45-year-old Cindy Lim through Facebook and developed a romantic relationship with her, which ended in December 2015. He went on to date another woman Leong Choi Kuen, 47, and their relationship ended some time before the assault on March 28, 2016.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Yang Ziliang said that day, the two women decided to confront Mr Tey about his relationships with them and about "financial issues". It is not known how the women got to know each other.

Lim called her son, Ng Shiuh Shao, and told him that she was going to meet the victim and "needed his help".

Ng was then with his younger brother and their friend, known only as Ashrin. The trio took a taxi to the Shepherds Drive rental unit where Mr Tey was living, to meet the two women.

The three men waited for Mr Tey and rushed towards him when he reached the compound of his rental unit. They pushed him into the compound and hit him with their fists while shouting Hokkien vulgarities at him.

Mr Tey suffered blows to his head, face, chest and arms in the attack which lasted five minutes. At one point, he was also struck repeatedly with a stool, causing injury to his wrist. The elder Ng also took a knife from the victim's kitchen to ask him to hand over his two mobile phones.

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