British YouTubers ask if S'pore is too perfect: 'Politeness is an important part of the way of life'

It seems that all those courtesy campaigns of the past may have paid off.

Make courtesy or politeness our way of life?

Apparently, Singaporeans have – at least according to two travel YouTubers.

A retired British couple made a YouTube video with the title "Is Singapore just TOO perfect? Our personal opinion" after spending two days in the city-state.

"Politeness isn't just how the people of Singapore operate," said the husband, Nick.

"It's part of the fabric of the society. How they interact with each other, the tone of their voice and overall politeness is an important part of the Singapore way of life.

"And they aren't playing at being polite. This is how the people of Singapore really are."

Singa the Lion would be so proud.

Neil and his wife Sarah have a YouTube channel called 2GoRoam where they post videos about retiring early to travel the world. They previously shared videos about Mexico, America, Greece and Turkey.

The Singapore video was uploaded on Dec 3.

"We've seen the future and it's called Singapore," said Sarah at the start of the 14-minute video, where they raved about Changi Airport, Marina Bay, Little India, Chinatown and Arab Street.

Aside from the weather and LGBT issue, the couple's main gripe about Singapore was that they wished the music used to accompany the Gardens by The Bay light show was more "culturally appropriate" rather than a song from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.

Neil erroneously said that you cannot chew gum in Singapore. This is not true as only the sale of gum is disallowed here with exceptions.

"So is Singapore too good to be true? Well, we really think not," opined Neil.

"To be around Singaporean people – and it's always about people – that's what makes a place feel really good. It's a very, very respectful nation."

Sarah added: "Did you know that in Singapore, it's considered rude to speak loudly? And also, they avoid using the word 'no' for fear of offending you."

Do you agree with them?