Bride gets 'nightmare' $330 wedding cake from baker who says 'we all make mistakes'

A poorly-made cake that cost $330 left a bad taste in a couple's mouth on their wedding day.

Facebook user Dee Rahman, the bride's best friend, described their disappointing experience with local baker Sugary Kneads, which has over 14,000 followers on Instagram.

In her post, Dee said her friend had ordered a $330 cookie cake from the baker for her wedding on Sunday (Sep 5).

The bride had enquired with a few bakers, but eventually decided on Sugary Kneads who "promised her the sky" and "assured us that it can be done".

Dee also shared a Pinterest image that the baker had sent the bride, showing the design that was agreed upon.

Dee wrote in her post: "We don’t expect it to be replicated to the exact same but what we received was a nightmare.

"They were supposed to assemble the cake between 12pm to 12.30pm when the bride and groom go for an outfit change, but they came later than 12.30pm.

"It was an issue because the area was occupied with photographers, videographers and family taking turns to take photos."

Here are the photos of the actual cake:

According to Dee, the baker had told her friend that the cake would "hold for a long period of time in room temperature" as "strong" whipped cream would be used for the buttercream.

"They also added that they will be using clear acetate to support (the) cake all around (which isn't present in the photos)," Dee added.

Dee also shared her frustrations regarding her attempts to salvage the situation.

She said: "I expressed my disappointment saying this cake was poorly made.

"The person assembling the cake said they would remove the cake at that instant and we can receive our full refund. I was a bridesmaid at the wedding and it wasn’t my place to cancel the cake-cutting ceremony.

"I wasn’t even able to consult with the bride and I see them walking away. I chased them and asked how do we resolve this issue. I was told to get the bride to liaise with the owner of the bakery directly. It wasn’t even within a minute and they were gone.

"We tried calling the number they gave us, claiming that they will be responsive on the day of wedding but we couldn’t get through the line at all.

"In the end, out of the $330 that was paid, we only get refunded $70 because the rest goes to their very hard work, ingredients and delivery."

When contacted by Stomp, Dee said the wedding party had no choice but to go on with the botched cake.

She added: "It was too fragile for us to remove and with the crowd, we just had to go on with it."

Dee's post in the Complaint Singapore Facebook group has garnered over 350 comments and 1,600 shares to date.

Many netizens expressed shock at how bad and cheap the wedding cake looked. Several also shared their own negative experiences with Sugary Kneads.

One customer described how a botched order by Sugary Kneads left her feeling disrespected and insulted. Her post has been shared more than 1,300 times.

Another user, Lita Bear, said she received subpar donuts, late delivery and bad service from Sugary Kneads, who then "played victim".

The baker also called Lita out publicly on Instagram for being "one of the worst person I've dealt with" when Lita refused to remove her post, which has received over 2,000 shares.

Stomp contacted Sugary Kneads on Monday (Sep 6), who said they would like to issue a statement but did not respond by press time.

However, they appear to have alluded to the recent infamy on Instagram Stories at around 9pm on Sunday.

Screenshot taken by Stomp on Monday, 12pm

Sugary Kneads said: "We are all human beings and we make mistakes.

"I sincerely apologise to the bride who received her cake today which did not meet her expectations and also due to hot weather the cake melted.

"For those who have been harassing me. We will not entertain. Don't waste your time."

Sugary Kneads said they would remain closed until September 10 "to improve on our cake baking skills". They also asked for 'all the unnecessary harassment, fake accusations and mean words to stop'.

As of Tuesday (Sep 7), their Instagram account has been made private while their Facebook page appears to be no longer available.

A prior check made by Stomp shows that while Sugary Kneads has over 14,000 followers on Instagram, each post receives only around 30 likes on average.

Some netizens have noticed the oddity as well.

Dee told Stomp that she received a full refund from Sugar Kneads at around 3pm on Monday, "after many more victims started coming forward".

She also said that the baker had "demanded" that she remove her post and even went on to mention her daughter’s name when she did not reply.

Dee added: "If it was in any way to trigger me, it shows that seller is very defensive and immature. Surely dishonest, based on many negative complaints.

"To everyone, before engaging in any bakers for your special event, do not repeat our mistakes. Google them, search them up on Facebook, ask around!"