Brawl erupts in Taiwan parliament: Some even fling chairs and water balloons

When you think of parliament, well-dressed politicians talking formally and taking eloquent jibes at other probably comes to mind.

However, Taiwanese politicians recently decided to break these stereotypes in the most outrageous fashion possible.

A controversial plan by Taiwan's president Tsai-Ing Wen to build $19 billion of light rail lines, flood control measures and green energy facilities has been heavily criticised by opposition party members.

The opposition party believes that the plan is only meant to raise the ruling party's profile before the regional elections next year, reports Shanghaiist.

Taiwan's premier Lin Chuan was not able to deliver his budget report after a water balloon was thrown at him during a parliament session on Thursday (July 13).

The session was called to halt, but the opposition members got into physical scuffles with legislators and more water balloons were thrown.

Large padded chairs were also flung in a passionate display of emotions, in scenes one would expect to see in a pay-per-view wrestling event.

So if you ever think parliament is boring, just remember that some politicians once threw water balloons and chairs at each other.