Boys throw clothes rack off building: "Don't save video and post"

Submitted by Stomper Mr Tan

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Several boys were captured on camera laughing while throwing a clothes rack off a high rise building.

The video was posted on Instagram with the caption "F*** la funny, I cannot".

In the video, two boys are helping each other get the clothes rack over the edge, while another person films the incident.

Everyone can be heard laughing in the background.

The two boys release the clothes rack and it falls down to the ground. 

The video ends with the boys jogging away in fits of laughter. 

Obeseneo, the Instagram user who uploaded the video, added a comment which said: "By the way guys, don't save the video and post because later kena trend, we die."

Stomper Mr Tan alerted Stomp to the video, which was also shared on the Fabrications About The PAP Facebook page on Nov 18 at 11.36am.

The caption on the Facebook post stated: "Dear parents, do tell your kids high rise littering is a criminal offence. This is not funny."

Many Facebook users expressed their concerns.

Facebook user CK Foong warned the boys and said they would regret their action if someone was killed.

Facebook users Wilson Lai and Alice Yao even tagged the Singapore Police Force's Facebook page.

Facebook user Daniel Lamborghini pointed out the irony of the situation.