Boys in Malaysia do Superman stunt on bikes -- then get caught by police

Some boys in Malaysia had a cycling session they will not forget for a long time.

Facebook page Metafora Anafora posted a video showing a group of young cyclists riding at a relatively high speed on an empty road.

In the video, two of the boys can be seen adopting a 'Superman' position, resting their thighs on their bicycles seat as they were still moving.

Little did the they know however, that they were about to be handed some Kryptonite.

A second video on the same Facebook page shows what happened after the boys' escapades.

In the clip, several police officers can be seen standing behind the group, suggesting that the young ones have been stopped by them along the road.

One of the boys was crying as two policewomen looked on.  

Towards the end, he appeared to be getting ready to move off.

The video then gets cut and it is unclear what happened after that.