Boys fishing at MacRitchie Reservoir can't tell between essential and recreational activity

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Three youngsters were seen fishing at MacRitchie Reservoir despite circuit breaker measures prohibiting non-essential activities.

A Stomper was jogging in the reservoir on Sunday morning (May 31), two days before the end of Singapore's circuit breaker, when she spotted the trio of boys.

She told Stomp: "They were fishing at the reservoir at around 7.50am, near the Singapore Island Country Club.

"They should not be there, engaging in recreational activities during the circuit breaker period. It is also unlikely that they are brothers!"

The Stomper said she is unsure whether the group of youths were at a designated or non-designated fishing spot as she merely ran past them.

Offenders caught fishing at no-fishing areas and/or using live bait at reservoirs can be fined up to $3,000.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, all reservoirs in Singapore will remain closed until further notice.